CSE + WabbitStudio?

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CSE + WabbitStudio?

Post25 November 2014, 02:39

Will SPASM generate .8ck apps yet? Also, is there a way to edit the output file types in WabbitStudio? I'm using the OS X beta build, and found where all of the templates are stored for project files, but not for output file types.
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Re: CSE + WabbitStudio?

Post25 November 2014, 11:33

I'm not sure, i don't have a CSE to test with. The place to ask would probably be over at the wabbit.codeplex.com discussions board, though i'm not sure if BuckeyeDude handles the OS X port or if that's Will. I'm not sure how to get in touch with WIll, maybe check out their profile here, send them a PM or check out their GitHub account?

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