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Release of TilEm2

Post08 June 2012, 11:14

TilEm is dead, long live TilEm2

Benjamin Moody (floppus maximus) and myself Thibault Duponchelle (contra-sh) are proud to announce the first release of TilEm2.

You probably already know TilEm "old" because it was a good emulator serving the community since 2000 (written by Julien Solignac then improved and maintained by Moody Benjamin)
For those who don't know, TilEm is an emulator that reproduce behavior of z80 based Texas Instrument Calculator (TI73 through TI86 including the TI81 :p). As the others emulators, TilEm2 needs an official rom of course.

TilEm old was available for GNU/Linux natively then ported to Windows and Mac.
TilEm2 is already available for GNU/Linux and Windows (TilEm2 is likely to work on Mac OS X, but we have not tested it)

3 years ago, I joined the team and we started to work on a new version of TilEm.
Even if it seems to be a sequel, all the code was written from scratch, including a new emulation core written by Benjamin.

This new version is released for beta testing.

It features highly detailed hardware emulation.
TilEm 2's hardware emulation is greatly improved - it's now at least on par with, and in some cases better than, any other emulator released to date.
All of the Z80 models are supported (including both hardware revisions of the TI-81 and both revisions of the TI-82); the only part of the hardware that is not currently emulated is the TI-84 Plus USB controller.

Sending/receiving programs, variables, and applications :

  • TilEm2 uses libticalcs and provides visual feedback by printing progress and allowing cancel.
  • You can send single or grouped vars, flashapp, or whatever you want.
  • A nice receive window allow you to save programs from your calc to you computer.
  • There's also the possiblity to send and receive to and from the ti81.

Grayscale emulation :

  • TilEm has had grayscale support for many years (originally an FIR filter supporting only 4 levels; later changed to an IIR filter supporting 64 levels, but with a tendency to flicker.)
  • TilEm 2, however, uses a completely new grayscale algorithm based on a modified FIR filter, which should work a lot better.

Saving screenshots :

  • You can record animations (gif) or simply grab a static screenshot (png,
    bmp, gif output and more...).
  • There's a lot of setting as size (at least 3 default size per model plus
    custom size), foreground/background color, animation speed.
    And of course a preview window to see before saving what you have done.

A full featured debugger for assembly programming :

  • With memory view (could be edited), disassembly view, registers (could be
    edited), stack, breakpoints, step by step, and more ...

Macro :

  • It allow to record key press and execute automatically (at startup or when
    you load the macro file).

New pack of skin and new skin format (TiEmu skin file) :

  • You can now do a skin for TilEm2 in 15 min and you can do some funny stuff
    (see the documentation about skins)

This version has a new and improved user interface, as well as many
improvements to the hardware emulation.
See the project website at for more

This release is only a step, development goes on. We will add some new features to TilEm2 soon. In addition to the features you will request and bug we will have to fix.
You will find a long user manual here :
This program was made for YOU users.
Please report bugs and feature request (on the Sourceforge forum :
The current maintainers of TilEm are Benjamin Moody and Thibault Duponchelle (but many other people have played a part in making this program possible especially Hugues Luc Bruant "fullmetalcoder" who started a qt gui and helped us a little for other stuff and Scott Zeid which provides the pictures from which are based the icons).

Have fun with TilEm2 !!!

Liens :

Official website
Download TilEm2
PDF documentation
Online Doc

Re: Release of TilEm2

Post08 June 2012, 15:36

Oh, that sounds awesome. I've been waiting for TilEm to get updated. I'll have to try the new version when I get home :)
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Re: Release of TilEm2

Post08 June 2012, 17:52

Cool, gonna test it some time... :D
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Re: Release of TilEm2

Post09 June 2012, 00:18

yeah glad to see an update...I'm still partial to wabbitemu but thats great to see TilEm get an update.
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Re: Release of TilEm2

Post09 June 2012, 14:54

Yeah, but WabbitEmu (at least not until recently ;)) never worked very well for me under Linux. TilEm2 works amazingly well and the debugger is really great :)

Re: Release of TilEm2

Post18 June 2012, 16:06

Tried it, and I really like the new updates. I think I'm sticking to Wabbit for now (mostly because it's mostly portable), but this is a great emulator too. I find it a lot easier to use than the old TilEm. And macros are cool :o
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Re: Release of TilEm2

Post19 June 2012, 17:00

Macros are way cool, it makes debugging so much easier. There's still a couple things i'd like to see, mostly in the debugger, like a way to skip over an instruction, a single keypress (maybe one of the F keys?) to change the PC to the highlighted line (and not have to do it by changing the PC directly). And the keypresses don't always work very well (pressing shift and arrow keys, for example). But really, i love it and it makes programming so much easier. I can still remember testing my old programs by sending them through the old GraphLink cable. Thank you again Contra (and Ben!) :D

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