TI-Concours, a french programming contest for z80/68k

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TI-Concours, a french programming contest for z80/68k

Post16 February 2012, 12:40

Hello world !
I'd like to announce that the "TI-Concours" (TI-Contest in french) has started last week. :)

What is TI-Concours ?

The TI-Concours is a french contest which was created last year. After a very successful first edition (17 participants, all in high school, only for TI-Basic z80 ! ), this contest has been internationalized and programmers who don't speak french can also participate.
You can't participate if you were born before 1986.

How does it work ?

You can participate with one or several or the following languages :

-> TI-Basic z80
-> Axe
-> TI-Basic 68k

The contest is divided in three parts :

- the first two parts last one week and consist to make the program you are asked to in the best way : you will have instructions to follow, and you will be graded on both the compliance of these instructions and program quality (the first program is a game, and the second one is... something else ;D );
- the last part consists to present on the website one of your projects during 4 weeks, on your personal web page : visitors will be able to watch it and will be able to vote for the program they preferred.

Your score is made in that way : your score for the two first parts * 1 + the number of votes you got * .25 + the score for the last part * 5.


13/03 to 19/03 : 1st part
27/03 to 02/04 : 2nd part
*holiday time in France*
07/05 to 03/06 : 3rd part

Final results should be given around 16th-17th of June.


The website isn't finished for the moment, still you can subscribe there : http://www.ti-concours.com.
Note that your personal informations won't be published without your authorization.

What can we win ?

Last year the winner (loulou54) won a Nspire CX CAS. Because I had a lot of problems with my DataBase I didn't have time to work for it, your will thus know few days before the beginning of the contest.

Who is judging us ?

I you speak french you can be judge yourself, you just need to subscribe before the end of February.


That's all, I encourage you all to participate, last year I received a lot of good reviews from participants, and I hope this 2nd edition will be as successful ! :D


P.S. : you can see last year's programs here : http://ti-concours.e-monsite.com.

P.S. 2 : I'm not very good in english, sorry if there is some mistakes... ;)
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Re: TI-Concours, a french programming contest for z80/68k

Post23 February 2012, 04:35

Cool, contests are always fun. I hope you guys get a lot of contestants!
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Re: TI-Concours, a french programming contest for z80/68k

Post23 February 2012, 09:51

I can't program BASIC or Axe, but good luck to everyone who enters!

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