Forums got exploited/hacked

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Forums got exploited/hacked

Post07 December 2015, 08:18

Hey everyone,

it seems that not only omnimaga got hacked a few days ago, but we, too. I believe that the attackers somehow got access to the phpBB admin panel and changes some files from there. They used a very simple tutorial I found online how to upload a simple root shell and I dont know what they queried. But just assume that the whole database has been compromised, means downloaded. ALL YOUR PASSWORDS (sorry phpBB3 still uses MD5) ARE possibly CRACKED.

Sorry, please change your passwords ASAP. You shouldn't use any password twice! Also forums are WEAK and easy targets.

Exploiter's IP:
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Re: Forums got exploited/hacked

Post08 December 2015, 11:49

I wonder if it the attack was a precursor to something else..

Re: Forums got exploited/hacked

Post08 December 2015, 19:56

My CodeWalrus account was attacked from another IP, which is, but it failed (incorrect password). Ivoah account was also attacked the same way, this time from, and also failed. This happened Sunday evening. I think the hacker is re-using the Omnimaga and Revsoft passwords on other TI sites to attempt breaking in.

Travis also said that had activity in their server logs, but they don't know if anything was accessed and I haven't heard any more words from them.

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