Wabbitcode Won't Compile (I think)

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Wabbitcode Won't Compile (I think)

Post27 April 2012, 19:12

So, I am running Wabbitcode 2.1 (1) for OS X; my operating system is Lion. I am trying to compile an application project. The source files are

**I have a text file, Zelda blocks.txt included too, but just for my own reference. It is not used by the project.

My build target is configured as follows:
Code: Select all
Name: Application
Output Type: TI-83+ Application
Input File: Zelda.z80

I go to click on BUILD. I get:

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Building target "Application" on 4/27/12 at 2:11 PM…
Build of target "Application" Succeeded, no issues

Yet, in the directory /Zelda/Build Products/Application, there is nothing there.

When I click BUILD and RUN, Wabbitcode crashes. Help??

Re: Wabbitcode Won't Compile (I think)

Post29 April 2012, 09:51

I uploaded version 2.2 just recently, its feature set is incomplete, but the features it does have actually work reliably. 2.1 was riddled with bugs (like the one you are reporting) that I was never able to figure out the cause of, so I scrapped it and started over. I'll upload new versions going forward from 2.2 on CodePlex and GitHub. Sorry there isn't more I can do :(

Edit: The bug you are describing actually has to do with spasm being built incorrectly, which is my fault. Version 2.2 builds spasm as part of the Xcode project so I can ensure its built correctly. This should take care of your issue and a number of others that had popped up during my testing.

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