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Chasse à la liberté / The hunt for freedom (TI-Concours '13)

PostPosted: 02 April 2013, 05:10
by chickendude
This was my take on the Whack-a-mole game that we had to do for the asm category of TI-Concours: ... 45275.html


Essentially, you're a prisoner trying to escape from prison and you have to kill the guards before they kill you. The guards match up to the keys 1-9, while you work your way through the level you'll have to press the matching button to kill the guard, if you take too long they'll pull out their gun and shoot at you. Currently there's only 3 levels (and the last level has no ending) because there was a 4kb limit and i was right at it. I already had to remove lots of text and other features to fit everything in :P It's pretty difficult and kinda frustrating, if i get around to adding more levels (and an ending) it might be worthwhile to let you save your progress/turn it into more of a Mario-style thing. Initially i'd wanted to add in items and other enemies to the actual map, but i decided against it for two main reasons:
1. lack of space (now that's not so much of an issue)
2. it's super hard as it is!

Anyway, if you've got any commentions/suggestions/ideas, i'd love to hear them. :)

Re: Chasse à la liberté / The hunt for freedom (TI-Concours

PostPosted: 03 April 2013, 00:04
by NanoWar
So you move with the arrow keys, jump AND press 1-9? That sounds really hard. Jumping/plattforms look good!

Re: Chasse à la liberté / The hunt for freedom (TI-Concours

PostPosted: 03 April 2013, 00:35
by chickendude
Yeah, there's lots of buttons to jump though, though. You can jump with Up, 2nd, or 0. You can also duck :D It takes a bit to get used to, but if you have one hand at the numpad and one at the arrow keys, it's not so bad. Still, it's pretty tough! I'm gonna try to make it a bit easier at the start so you can get through the first few levels easily without getting destroyed. You can also try just ignoring the guards, but then the screen will be full of bullets :P

Re: Chasse à la liberté / The hunt for freedom (TI-Concours

PostPosted: 06 May 2013, 01:03
by Deep Thought
Haha, that's a pretty big stretch for Whack-a-Mole, but it looks amazing as always. Sounds like it takes some multitasking skill too.

Funny how the game is in Spanish and the title is in French and English :D

Re: Chasse à la liberté / The hunt for freedom (TI-Concours

PostPosted: 16 May 2013, 00:35
by chickendude
Yeah, i thought Whack-a-Mole was a bit boring so i wanted to push the whacking theme a bit more to the background. I've got some more plans i'd like to add in, like adding guards into the actual maps, adding items/weapons, giving you missions where you have to free other prisoners, etc. I might just get rid of the Whack-a-Mole theme altogether (or give the player some extra HP) and convert it into a pure platformer :P As it is, it's pretty hard.

Thanks for the comments :) Regards the language, i couldn't really make up my mind. The quote at the start was originally in Spanish, i'm not quite sure why i translated it into English :P