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Snakecaster: a 3D Nibbles game

PostPosted: 31 July 2012, 19:42
by Deep Thought
For the first part of TI-Concours, the Axe participants were asked to make a Snake game. I knew I couldn't win by graphics, because it's Axe, and someone was bound to make a gorgeous game complete with a title screen and shading and such. I tried to think up ways to make the game itself creative, but that didn't go anywhere either. It's Snake. Probably one of the oldest video games in history, and you can't really change the gameplay much or it's not going to be Snake anymore.

So I decided to make it as ridiculous as possible (partly as a joke, partly for experience, and partly in hope that at least some of the judges would be awed by my é1337 5k1LLz) by adding a raycaster. It's a raycaster in a Snake game. Completely overkill, but apparently it worked :D



Re: Snakecaster: a 3D Nibbles game

PostPosted: 31 July 2012, 20:47
by NanoWar
Haha wow, very cool indeed! I guess there are more than this level?

Re: Snakecaster: a 3D Nibbles game

PostPosted: 31 July 2012, 21:33
by Deep Thought
There are eight levels. All eight level maps are stored in a single 72-byte block because I cheated and had level designs "overlap" each other :P

Re: Snakecaster: a 3D Nibbles game

PostPosted: 18 August 2012, 21:36
by Deep Thought
Got it on ticalc with a readme and stuff (and edited the first post to link there).

I forgot to mention that I also took the opportunity while fixing bugs in the new version to add a feature kindermoumoute suggested to me during the contest—namely, to allow a player to control a snake from the first-person point of view. You can use Y= to turn left and GRAPH to turn right. It's not as easy to play as with the normal arrow keys and 2D view because the field of view isn't terribly wide and bumping into a wall entails more damage than in your average raycasted game, but I guess it's a fun little extra.